Friday, 11 December 2015

Tight Skirts at School Disco nightclub (Part Three)

Female partygoers in school uniform fancy dress/tight skirts at School Disco:


  1. Gorgeous girl in photo 11 does it for me in that tiny shiny little skirt. Photo 17 also turns me on big time, especially the one with hand on hip, such a sexy pose and expression.

  2. Well, it's been my first day on this site and I've worked my way from the first post as far as April 2018. So out of them all so far, who doing me the honours tonight? Righty in photo 17; she's so fucking sexy. And tomorrow morning, I think, when I've got my juices back, I'll do lefty (her boobs look nice under that tight top!). And it won't be the only time for either; I'm going to get a lot of satisfaction from these two on a regular basis

    1. used to be an awesome nightclub and trend for anyone with a uniform/formal tight skirt fetish. The official event was at Hammersmith Palais in London from about 2000-2008 when it closed, and they did some smaller venues across London from 2000-2011. I used to go back in the day. What killed it was when they made it over 21s only as it was mainly 18-21 year old students who attended. Amazing to see female students squeezed into their old uniforms but I think there was some anxiety about that and how shitfaced drunk they'd get at those nights. The drunkenness at was awesome and unbelievable. Corporation club in Sheffield did a similar student night until it went out of fashion as a clubbing trend. Nothing else quite like it, as I am not really into the Torture Garden/Club Rub type scene for shinywear.