Friday, 4 December 2015

Welcome to the Tight Skirts Page

Welcome to our Tight Skirts Page. We run this blog in conjunction with our other blogs:

Lovely Ladies in Leather  - dedicated to gorgeous women in leather and other assorted shinywear.

Arrogant German Women in Leather  (we no longer update this, as all new posts of women wearing leather are added to our Lovely Ladies in Leather page, regardless of nationality.) An archive of German female celebrities, models and casuals wearing leather, and shinywear.

The Tight Skirts Page will be dedicated to showing images of women wearing extremely tight and sexy skirts/ dresses, that are non-leather & non-shiny (for these types of pictures please visit the Lovely Ladies in Leather blog or the Arrogant German Women in Leather blog). This blog will feature candid & model photos that we have collected. Most of the images will be women wearing tight office outfits, sexy uniforms or tight partywear. Tight skirts are very sexy and we're big fans! Get ready for an assortment of tight pencil skirts, tight short skirts, tight dresses, tight uniform outfits and tight mini-dresses. To whet your appetite...


  1. Very sexy dark skirt and white blouse!

  2. I've been following Lovely Ladies in Leather for quite a few years now but surprisingly today is my first visit to this site. Whilst the shinier side of fashion is my first choice I've seen enough here to ensure that in future I'll be coming quite frequently to these pages, in every sense! More British school uniforms please - second only to hotties in leather, PVC etc the British schoolgirl has assisted me in achieving many delightful outcomes over the years.

    1. How British sixth form schoolgirls dress these days is extraordinary. There are lots of sixth form colleges which apply a formal attire rule but many of the girls choose to dress in business suits which feature incredibly tight short pencil skirts, often with slits. British girls wearing these types of outfits are featured extensively in the blog, you'll be interested to know.